light breaking through dark clouds over Italy. The dark clouds contrast with the light beams brightening up the green grass. This would be good to portray the mind set of a person with Bi Polar.

"Je suis bien, ça te dérange?"

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Senteur de L.......

massage oil, herbal soap and bath salt with fresh lavender flowers on wooden background.

Haaaaa relax <3 ******

He lay down Dyzio on meadow, (.

Ah, rest

black & white cat draped over a brick wall

The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself. Of course he wants care and shelter. You don't buy love for nothing.  William S. Burroughs

black and white cat in a tree

Casa Simples

lovin' the country life - tabby cat on the window sill


Buddha is a calm, quiet, strong tom who fights like all of TigerClan if he wants to, but usually tries to make peace. He is good friends with Katie.

Cat on the window - tabby cat on the window at sunset

"Country Ginger Tabby Cat Resting on the Window's Ledge Catching the Late Afternoon Sunrays.

Gray and white long haired cat

a shabby chic Ragdoll

A place of warmth and peace

Everybody wants to visit the Toscana, Italy. The Tuscany boasts a proud heritage. left a striking legacy in every aspect of life.

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Celebrating Summer With the Beautiful Cats of Santorini


Taking a long nap!