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5 Steps To Growing Your Own Garlic (And Why You Should)

5 step guide to growing gorgeous garlic bulbs. The majority of the world's garlic is grown in China & is sprayed with chemicals and bleached white.

planting garlic in the Fall from blog The Art of Doing STUFF **

How To grow garlic: PLANT NOW IN THE FALL! Garlic needs to winter-over in the garden to fully develop. Plant the garlic cloves “root” end down. The bigger the clove, the bigger the bulb of garlic will be.

Growing and Harvesting Garlic

How to grow garlic - plant after frost before ground freezes - elephant garlic actually a leek and better suited for warmer climates. Would love to have really fresh garlic!

How to Plant and Harvest Garlic

The Backyard Garden: How to grow and harvest garlic How to Harvest : Always dig your garlic, never try and pull it. You may have planted a small clove, but the bulb is now several inches deep with a strong root system.