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Commune culture

Tent-dwelling hippie Family of the Mystic Arts commune Bray family reading bedtime stories, with father Ron (former bank computer programmer) mother Nancy (Radcliffe grad) and four children. Sunny Valley, Oregon Taken by John Olson.

Roman fresco from Villa dei Misteri in Pompeii

Painting from Pompej Pompeii Maler c. 60 BCE Villa dei Misteri a Pompei. Pay attention to the sun-symbols.Tidlig kunst fra Pompeii, legg merke til borden med solsymboler.

Pompeii Villa Of Mysteries Reopens After Extensive Restorations

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ The Roman Villa of Mysteries (Villa dei Misteri) which was newly restored and re-opened to the public in the archaeological site of Pompeii, in Italy, on March 2014