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Landscaping around a tree
Hügelkultur Bed. Hügelkultur is a raised plant bed built over decaying wood and compostable materials. A fallen tree becomes a “nurse log”, decomposing, releasing nutrients, and nourishing new growth above for years, even decades. As the wood decays, it becomes more porous, storing water like a giant sponge, and releasing it slowly back into the bed’s soil. This means less plant watering; some gardeners report their beds thrived all season from rainfall alone.
Fragrant French Lavender basket by Julepool on Etsy, $30.00
Fake rock (lightweight, quick, simple)
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Great gift idea - How to make Woven Lavender Wands (Tutorial) - YouTube
A simple instructional for "How to Make A  Lavender Wand"
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Styrofoam Faux Stone Wall Carved with Hot Wire Foam Factory Tools
This is a tutorial showing you how to make stone walls, castle walls and medieval walls out of sheets of foam. I show you what foam to use, how to carve it a...