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”I deserved a better goodbye” written in red lipstick with a broken heart under the text on tiles. It’s written on a wall in a bathroom. Instagram, Hate, It Hurts
better goodbye
Heartbroken Quotes, Broken Heart Quotes, Suicide Quotes, Broken Quotes
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Meaningful Quotes, Feeling Broken Quotes, Quotes Deep
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THIS IS MY PIC LOL | oliviamarieeyre
Love Quotes, Deep Thoughts
There was a time.
Life Quotes
not mine <33
not mine <33
Sad Quotes, Real Quotes
Inspiration, Cute Relationships, Hopeless Romantic, Really Love You, I Really Love You, Relationship, Romantic, Romance
BABY | marauders era instagram: jily; wolfstar; morcas; fralice ✓
Anxiety Aesthetic
Thoughts, Aesthetic Words, Vibes
Cute Texts, Cute Texts For Him, Frases, Why Not Me, Text For Him