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(OPEN RP, I'm her. Written in his POV) "Drop the gun sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you" I smirk and cock my head in an arrogant matter "Oh please, I'm not the stupid little 15 year old you remember" she scoffs and holds the gun tighter in her hand.

Natsu and Lucy. Natsu isn't the type to deny it, he just wouldn't know which type of love it really was.

Natsu and Lucy. Natsu isn't the type to deny it, he's just too thick to understand what his feelings are.

Fairy Tail - Natsu and Lucy reunion by Zippi44 on tumblr

When natsu came back after one year of training. I was just like your hair 😟 and then when I thought I was lovingly going to get use to it. He gets it cut and I'm like awe. NALU and I wish this pic could have been there actual reunion~ 😩

This is amazing. Whoever made this, bless you.  This is.. Amazing.  Natsu and Lucy

Natsu and Lucy! If fairy tail ends with Natsu dying, i will go and end the author! That is not allowed to happen. I will kill someone.