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Explore a selection of cutting edge bedroom designs by some of the best decorators in the world, with modern furniture ideas, stunning colors and beautiful combinations:

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Shining over the master bath, the ceiling is covered in torn pieces of wallpaper flecked with silver leaf. "I wanted the tub to be the bath'.

Shabby chic style is gaining popularity because it’s vintage, relaxed and kind of refined yet nonchalant. This style looks great in any space but especiall

Trendy Detailed Wall Pattern - Palace Trellis Moroccan Wall Stencils for Painting - Royal Design Studio

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54 Stunning Dream Homes & Mega Mansions From Social Media

The Romantic French Flair Rooms and relaxing ambience style makes it the perfect choice for the coming holidays. Create your room using interiors done in Romantic French Flair styles.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL fireplace mantle with angels/cherubs! -~ Click thru to see some GORGEOUS shabby chic cottage decorating photos!