Valeria Musca Popescu

Valeria Musca Popescu

Valeria Musca Popescu
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Free Crochet Patterns: Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns

Butterfly pattern for your wreath Ravelry: Sweet Butterfly - free pattern by Lilyheart Designs

Цветок крючком. Вязание - Игрушки, сувениры, подарки, схемы и описание

Recipes Crochet: Beautiful Flower, with chart. These are so pretty that I wish I crochet more.

Cute stitch! #crochet

Diagonal crochet pattern: makes a quick baby blanket!

Free pattern

Crafts for Spring : colorful hat, crochet pattern - cant help but smile at these cute hats!

手工 钩针 钩花 生活 艺术

such a nice crochet granny blanket!

flower motifs

Crochet Shades of Purple Pillow

Vertical Veggie Garden | Community Post: 39 Insanely Cool Vertical Gardens

Vertical Veggie Garden looks like a great idea indoor bottle tower garden…

vertical garden

If not need space, here is an inventive idea to make your lettuce vertical garden ! It& mainly made with repurposed materials such as plastic water bottl

I Love You More Than…

40 Unconventional DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Easy and cute button craft ~ This would be cute to put on a T-shirt...

Happy Birthday Music Card - Birthday Card with Button Notes - Paper Handmade Greeting Card - Etsy UK