Black has always been my favorite color. I always feel indestructible every time I wear black. Black is just the best color ever hands down! I even wanted to paint my room black, at one point, my parents weren't having it though.

Omg. That's a line from the Suite Life on Deck. I don't watch Riverdale, but I plan to start soon

That's a line from the Suite Life on Deck. They should put this in Riverdale! Right know I'm obsessed with Riverdale and I think I have a problem! My favorite characters on Riverdale!

And continually going through more strengthening experiences.

I'm stronger because of my hard times, wiser because of my mistakes and happier because of my sad experiences.

Love quote ❤️ sweet

in you I found the true love of my life and my closest, truest friend. Don't forsake your best friend. Don't stop loving your true love.