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Cypress USB sculpture

Reclaimed Wood Light Sculpture | Etsy

ILLUMINATED SCULPTURE My illuminated sculptures use light to reveal the elemental form and physical character of reclaimed wood. Flowing out from the center, between each suspended slice, light traces intricate details and hidden beauty found in the contours of the wood. Capturing beautiful patterns from all angles, these reductive and simplistic sculptures reveal nature through minimal form. THIS PIECE Made from a small piece of reclaimed California Coastal Monterey Cypress (see below…

CA Incense Cedar exploding tower

Modern Lighting Wood Light Sculpture | Etsy

ILLUMINATED SCULPTURE This illuminated sculpture reveals the elemental form and grain in a piece of reclaimed California Incense Cedar. Fascinating details and hidden beauty are revealed from light emitting from the center of the sculpture, flowing out between each individual slice suspended on an aluminum armature. The warm light traces the contours of the wood capturing beautiful patterns from all angles. THIS PIECE This sculpture is a large table top design similar to a public space…


Multifaceted architecture, design, and fabrication firm based in Louisville, Kentucky

Jon Wyss - Washington's Working Forests

Senator Cantwell - Washington's Working Forests