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a blue background with white text that reads, te lubesc mult mare, vie
Dovadă de iubire
Dovadă de iubire - Viral Pe Internet
a man in a suit and bow tie with a quote from winston churchill on it
Do you have enemies? Well done! It means that you've done something, some day in life.
a poster with words in spanish and english on the side of a white sheet that says,
!!! FDIC.FR citate in romana
a black and white photo with the words sunt luat ostatic de imaginiatia mea
si eu la fel ..uneori arestata la domiciliu :d
a woman standing on top of a bridge next to a body of water with a quote above it
a black and white photo with the words'pari rea - sunt mai mult de atat, sunt un infer
Pari rea . - Sunt mai mult de atat . sunt un infern .