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That really applies to all the demigods. I guess being half god means you just have to be hot!<<< well except for Octavian

Oh my god the biggest revelation in history!!!!!

This is one of the reasons why Harry potter and Percy Jackson fans get along so well<<<< I think I became Kirby because it felt like I sucked up the world with my emnormous gasp

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What the Percy Jackson Characters Taught me~ Rick Riordan is a great teacher. Books and Reading<< well he is/was a teacher in real life

And the good die young But the brave will always last ~Living Louder by The Cab

And the good die young But the brave will always last ~Living Louder by The Cab <<< "Why do all the best people die?" They asked." He asked. "The beautiful ones.

Remember zoe nightshade is real heroes

"'Stars,' she whispered. 'I can see the stars again, my lady.' A tear trickled down Artemis's cheek. 'Yes, my brave one. They are beautiful tonight. Her eyes fixed on the night sky. And she did not move again" (The Titan's Curse).

Percy Jackson the hero. Mr. Famous over here

All the gods respect Percy, even Artemis (who dislikes men), Dionysus (who dislikes demigods), and Hades (who dislikes humans).

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I fought the titans with Paul "blowfish", because we're in love. OH MY GODS, I'M SALLY JACKSON!!

I was saved by Corner Stoll because I was dared< I judo-flipped Paul "Blowfish" because Hera told me too<--- I summoned the dead with Travis Stoll because we're in love, I'm actually ok w/ this.