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an egyptian statue with gold accents and black paint on it's face, wearing a headdress
Assyrian royal
a close up of an ancient statue with circles on it's face and beard
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Persepolis 500BC Iran. #iran #persepolis #iran
MARTIN O. R. on Twitter: "Persian Guard at Persepolis / 2500 years old / IRAN… Iran Persepolis, Old Iran, Achaemenid Empire, Shiraz Iran, Iran Travel
Martin on Twitter
MARTIN O. R. on Twitter: "Persian Guard at Persepolis / 2500 years old / IRAN…
an ancient sculpture with a man's head on it
Photo of Persian soldier bas-relief. Apadana palace bas-reliefs, Persepolis, Iran
02 Persian soldier bas-relief
an egyptian lion with wings on it's back and the words winged lion with head, human being strength and wisdom and fitness code
Lady Jaynes Pillow Book
a white horse painted on the side of a brick wall
Palace of Darius, Susa
Palace of Darius, Susa by hester
an ancient bronze mask with a bird on it's head
سرباز پارسی
an image of a sculpture on the side of a building
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an ancient bas relief depicting a man on a horse
Persepolis relief of a Lion biting the hind of a Bull. This said to be highly symbolic within Zoroastrianism, representing the balance in duality, a symbol of the New Year.
an intricately carved wall panel depicting a bull with horns on it's head
Apadana. Persepolis. Iran