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several masks are on display in a glass case
art art nail designs art drawings art painting art nails art nail art nails design art tattoo art pr | Character art, Cute art, Concept art characters
a man in a suit and top hat with his hands out to the side,
Fimo, Unlogical Poem, Broken Doll, Elastic Rope, Ceramics Pottery Art, Porcelain Doll, Clay Dolls, Allergy Free, Clay Ceramics
Accessories | Fashion Accessories Match Your Clothes| Unlogical Poem
Italian Venice Masquerade Carnivale Masks, Italian Masquerade, Venice Masquerade, Carnival Venice, Carnival Fashion
Venezia, il carnevale
Italian Venice Masquerade
an old photo of a woman wearing a crown
German Expressionism
In Kriemhild's Revenge, Marguerithe Schon's wide-eyed stare, her heavy makeup, and the abstract shapes in her costume create a stylized composition completely in keeping with the rest of the film.
an old photo of a woman wearing a crown
Die Nibelungen Blu-ray - Gertrud Arnold
Die Nibelungen Blu-ray - Gertrud Arnold