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Bite-sized Japanese Sweets - what a lovely way to serve them - individual dishes on a long tray (and a single flower decoration) Japanese Wagashi, Japanese Cake, Japanese Snacks, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Food, Desserts Japonais, Cute Food, Yummy Food, Cuisine Diverse

橋本忍 鉄黒細長皿 作家もののうつわ 陶器・和食器販売【WAGOKORO】

 pinning it because it reminds me of a sushi platter i loved at a meal in kyoto Pottery Plates, Ceramic Pottery, Pottery Art, Thrown Pottery, Slab Pottery, Pottery Studio, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Modern Ceramics

田鶴濱守人展 秋穫れのうつわ 9日目 | うつわノート

「田鶴濱守人展 秋穫れのうつわ」(会期10/20~30)の9日目。終日の冷たい雨にも関わらず足をお運び頂き御礼申し上げます。本日は、まだご紹介しきれてなか...

山本泰三 緑錆長皿 作家もののうつわ 陶器・和食器販売【WAGOKORO】 Ceramic Pots, Ceramic Tableware, Ceramic Clay, Porcelain Ceramics, Pottery Plates, Slab Pottery, Ceramic Pottery, Pottery Patterns, Pottery Designs

山本泰三 緑錆長皿 作家もののうつわ 陶器・和食器販売【WAGOKORO】

Rosanjin, is known for the wide ranging ceramics he touched. Ceramic Tableware, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Art, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Pottery Plates, Ceramic Pottery, Make Your Own Pottery, Colored Vases

Rosanjin Kitaoji ー  魯山人 北大路

“It takes more than a few words to explain just exactly what this person did. He displayed great talents in numerous fields, including pottery, calligraphy, seal engraving, cookery, painting,…

L'Art de Rosanjin, génie de la cuisine japonaise Œuvre exposée lors de l'exposition "L’art de Rosanjin, Génie de la cuisine japonaise" du musée Guimet. Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Modern Ceramics, Japanese Art, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Pottery, Earthenware, Stoneware, Sushi Plate

Exposition L'Art de Rosanjin, génie de la cuisine japonaise • Musée Guimet

L'Officiel des spectacles • Découvrez l'exposition du 3 juillet 2013 au 9 septembre 2013 • Œuvres exposées, informations pratiques et avis des visiteurs

北大路魯山人「吹寄せ紅葉文四方平鉢」[KITAOJI Tajima] Clay Plates, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Pottery, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery, Sushi Plate, Showa Period, Tablewares, Pottery Making

柳瀬美術店:北大路魯山人作品の通販ページです。Rosanjin Kitaoji [Yanase Art GINZA.Modern Art and Pottery Online Shop]

柳瀬美術店:北大路魯山人作品の通販ページです。KITAOJI Rosanjin [Yanase Art GINZA.Modern Art and Pottery Online Shop]

藤原加寿子「粉引長皿(大)」の詳細ページです。 Sushi Plate, Pottery Plates, My Plate, Pottery Ideas, Clay, Sculpture, Dishes, Create, Tableware

藤原加寿子 スープマグ(黒・白) 作家ものの陶器・和食器販売【WAGOKORO】

山本泰三 黄粉引長皿 Ceramic Decor, Ceramic Pottery, Contemporary Dinnerware, Sushi Platter, Pottery Handbuilding, Japanese Pottery, Clay Ideas, Decorations, Ceramics

山本泰三 黄粉引長皿 | 暮らすうつわ とうもん

「暮らすうつわ とうもん」作家物の陶器、磁器、木の器、漆器、ガラスの器をお取扱いしています。全国発送可能(16,500円以上お買い上げで送料無料!北海道・沖縄を除く)

How to Decorate Ceramic Tiles Pottery Designs, Pottery Ideas, Sushi Plate, Japanese Sushi, Disposable Plates, Hand Built Pottery, Ceramic Design, Plates And Bowls, Wabi Sabi

鈴木史恵 長皿■QupuQupu■

鈴木史恵 長皿のご紹介ページです