Preparation:  Sausage, whatever type is to be dry and cut 1 cm thick. Cheese cut into cubes. Put a piece of sausage, cheese cube and an olive green above with each other and through with a toothpick. Simple appetizer ready in 2-3 minutes.    ingredients:  * Chorizo ​​sausage  * Goat cheese, cottage cheese, feta  * Green olives  * Parsley * toothpicks

Party Frosting: appetizers Can never go wrong with sausage! Stack sausage, herbs, cheese and olives

Romanian Cake - 'Alba ca Zapada' - "Snow White"

Romanian Cake - 'Alba ca Zapada' - "Snow White" - my grandma uesd to make it every Saturday and I just love it.

Pasca - Romanian Easter bread recipe

Romanian Easter bread – Pasca

Pasca - Romanian Easter Bread - Sweet, soft, enriched yeast bread baked in a springform with a cheese filling inside

sarmale de post cu ciuperci

Sarmale de post cu ciuperci

Cus D'amato, Romanian Recipes, Romanian Food, Moldavia, Cousins, Posts, Meat, Healthy Recipes, Gastronomy

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana

Van, Tart Pan, Citroen, Romanian Food, Food Deserts, Tapas, Brunch, Catalan Cream

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