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the text on this page says, mother adventure can't get a little scary
You ok Mother 3?
an image of a boy with his arms spread out in front of him and the caption that says, what breed is he? part alien 3 months ago just a little boy
Ness is just a lil boy ( ・-・)
three young boys standing next to each other with baseball bats on their shoulders and the words mother below them
an image of some cartoon characters on the google search for their favorite pokemon character, ash from earthbound
Made this for my sister because she loves earthbound
three different types of children's clothes with the words smiles and tears on them
an image of people in pixel art with the words they don't know i'm trying to unbuil an egg
an image of two people with the text there is a super bomb in your mailbox
thanks ness and paula very appreciated
a cartoon character is talking to another character in front of a video game screen with the caption,'i don't love this game ness you've been here for 3 full days '
a person with a backpack walking down the street in front of a building and text that reads, i'm just a $ 1 a day you can help white people get sweat
Jeff is worried