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The Words To Use When Promoting Yourself At A Job Interview. When looking to attain a marketing position, it helps to know how to advertise yourself. Once an employer can distinguish you from other options, you are ahead of the game!

How to Promote(Describe) Yourself in Job Interview- Infographic See on - Great Advice For Career “ Here are some tips to using buzzwords while describing yourself in job interview that help.


50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have - This is a brilliant list. It's not "how to meet a standard" or "make people like you". It's literally a list of things to live a healthier life. I dig it.

Learn English in New York! TOEFL Class! TOEIC Prep! Business English! Happy English!

Learn how to use happiness idioms with this Kaplan infographic. Discover eight ways to express your happiness and learn to speak English like a native speaker.

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Clutter is stuck energy. The word 'clutter' derives from the Middle English word 'clotter', which means to coagulate - and that is about as stuck as you can get.