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a christmas tree and pencils on top of a white paper with the words,
Malgeschichte Tannenbaum
a group of people standing on top of blue and orange mats in an empty room
there is a sign that says kigarte de
Turnen zum Thema Nikolaus
Bewegungsspiel Turnen Nikolaus
Turnen Nikolaus
the instructions for how to make a paper santa clause
a drawing of a man with a long beard wearing a red robe and holding a stick
Nikolaus Malgeschichte von Wilma Wochenwurm
Nikolaus Malgeschichte von Wilma Wochenwurm
a child's play area with toys on the floor
Bodenbild zum Nikolaus ausprobiert
a black and white drawing of a christmas tree
two christmas cards made with colored crayons and string
grafische Weihnachtskarten: Advents-Basteln mit Schulkindern - HANDMADE Kultur
a room that has some kind of cardboard structure on the floor in front of it
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Наряди ёлочку. Игры для малышей. #игры #новыйгод | Интересный контент в группе Копилка педагога