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Yes! Its not R5' featuring Ross lynch...No... its R5 They are all amazing! How can you only like 1

Its not featuring Ross lynch. How can only like 1 I like all the boys as a crush but Ross is closer to my age so ya

So true!!!

OK first of all you have the cutest smile the best hair and the SEXIEST body ever plus to top it off your completely ROSSOME

Riker & Allison DWTS week 5

Dancing With the Stars - Allison Holker & Riker Lynch danced a phenominal paso doble to He's a Pirate from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" - Season 20 - Disney Night - spring 2015 - score - = 38

Haha yeah really and I don't just like them course there got I love them for who they are

Gosh I hate it when people say that<<<<<ikr? makes me wanna hit in the face them with the album :D