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Weddings are stressful and sometimes they bring out the worst in people. They can also be full of mishaps.  After all the planning and worrying, it feels like there’s so much at stake on your wedding day that it’s hard to relax. Love Memes, Funny Memes, Jokes, Memes Humor, Hilarious, Wedding Fail, Comedy Clips, Inspirational Memes, Friend Memes

60 Brides who look like they could really use a hug

It's ok if your wedding day isn't always the greatest day of your life.

Flowers and candy, that’s about as far as most boyfriends and husbands get. They mean well, but they don’t go out of their way to make their women feel special…until now. These men are creating the new norm with their amazing acts that never cease to impress us. Bow Pillows, Kitchen Bar Design, Night Light Projector, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Korma, Cool Hair Color, Kids Decor

75 Men Who Deserve An Award For Their Thoughtfulness

These boyfriends and husbands are making everyone else out there look bad! Here's a little tip for you: use them as inspiration!

For some people, high school prom is the highlight of their school years. For others though, it’s a total nightmare. Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter users for their worst prom stories, and the Internet delivered. These 50 former students would love to forget their prom failures, but unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen. Eye Mekup, Bow Pillows, Kitchen Bar Design, Lace Dream Catchers, Most Beautiful Birds, Eye Makeup Steps, Korma, Jimmy Fallon, Short Prom

50 Prom Fails That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh About

Sometimes prom is just a total nightmare.

In 2016, 70-year-old Joan MacDonald was overweight and out of shape. She faced an uncertain, likely harsh future reality. Her daughter then approached her, almost in tears, to lose weight to ensure a longer life. Clearly coming from a place of love, she mentioned that she didn’t want to see her mother suffer with expensive medical bills and a lower quality of life in her older age, like she’s seen countless times before. Eye Mekup, 70 Year Old Women, Exercises, Workouts, Bow Pillows, Fire Nails, Out Of Shape, Korma, Cool Hair Color

70-Year-Old Woman Couldn’t Walk Without Needing To Stop, Transforms Her Life With Exercise

Joan details her experience of losing over 40 pounds after age 70.

An unfortunate aspect of aging is that we lose the ability to do certain things. As we age, our joints don’t stay as strong, our memory begins to fade, and our stamina is severely affected. Most Beautiful Birds, Eye Makeup Steps, Show Up, Cool Hair Color, Girl Gang, Diy Wallpaper, Kids Decor, Year Old, Hair Lengths

96-Year-Old Grandma Shows Up The Crowd With Slick Moves

She's got the moves!

When most folks think of their dream home, they think of mansions with multiple rooms and expansive spaces. But for one woman in New Zealand, the dream is to minimize and create a home that maximizes on just what is needed and nothing more. The idea of a tiny home is growing in popularity all over the world, where people are looking to simplify and enjoy what life can afford when you exit the rat race and stop consuming endless piles of doodads. Eye Mekup, Bow Pillows, Kitchen Bar Design, Night Light Projector, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Diy Wallpaper, Rat Race

Woman Gives Tour Of Beautifully Designed Tiny Home

She even has a living plant wall inside her house.

Whatever happened to the 50’s style dances with couples swinging and smiling all over the dance floor? Classic dances like the jitterbug and boogie-woogie are truly a lost art. Although it takes some serious rhythm to get the hang of those groovy moves they really are a blast to try and learn. Eye Mekup, Bow Pillows, Kitchen Bar Design, Night Light Projector, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Boogie Woogie, Diy Wallpaper

Seniors Show Off Epic Boogie Woogie Dance Moves

This incredible duet will prove age is just a number.

Trashy people are everywhere around us, and no matter how hard we try to deny this fact, chances are, we’re going to run into some trashy people one way or another. For the most part, trashy people lack any depth and meaning in life and try to compensate for it with questionable behavior. These folks can sometimes be funny and make us feel better about ourselves, but on the other hand, they can be downright disgusting and give the whole humankind a bad name. Worst Names, Kitchen Bar Design, We The People, Most Beautiful Birds, Feel Better, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, In This World, Diy Wallpaper

50 trashy people we can’t believe exist in this world

Suspect tattoos, cringe-worthy social media posts, questionable life choices... take a deep breath and plunge into the world of unrestrained trashiness.

If you’ve ever worked a customer service job, you know that customers can be… difficult at times. You’re told to smile nonetheless because “the customer is always right.” You’re advised to turn the other cheek to avoid any confrontation. Sometimes, situations are so outlandish that it’s hard to believe that the stories are actually true. Eye Mekup, Bow Pillows, Kitchen Bar Design, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Diy Wallpaper, Korma, Cool Hair Color

57 photos of customers being awful people

Proof that humanity can be pretty awful at times.

Every student has been dreaming of their prom and impatiently waiting for this day to arrive. But not everyone gets the chance to attend it, and this is so true for the class of 2020. Stylish Dresses, Cute Dresses, Cute Outfits, Prom Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Eye Makeup Steps, Cool Hair Color, Kids Decor, Eye Mekup

400 Hours Later Teen Comes Up With COVID-19 Themed Prom Dress Made Entirely Out Of Duct Tape

She narrated the coronavirus epidemic through her dress.

This adorable little girl is about to receive the news that will alter her life for the better. She is two-years-old in this video and you can hear two voices in the back giving her updates on current affairs. She listens intently with that innocent wonder on her pretty face. Kitchen Bar Design, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Diy Wallpaper, Two Year Olds, Cool Hair Color, Kids Decor, Pretty Face

Toddler Excited To Hear Baby Brother’s Been Born

I could listen to her accent all day long.