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Easy skincare routine & product recommendations - Lazy Girl Loves Free Presentation Reveals 1 Unusual Tip to Eliminate Your Acne Forever and Gain Beautiful Clear Skin In Days - Guaranteed!

Here is a comic eye tutorial for you to try out. Just work along step by step and see what you come up with. I will be adding more of these if you like . Female Comic Eye Tutorial - Step by Step

11 Best Vitamins For Skin Health You Should Never Miss

Deficiency of vitamins causes the skin to become ugly, lethargic, rashes and your skin become shrunken. A list of best vitamins for skin is listed here

Aging, as being part of our life, makes our skin not so attractive and requires special care and commitment not some overnight surprise.

Ingredients: one teaspoon of freshly juiced lemon one teaspoon honey half teaspoon nutmeg half teaspoon cinnamon Preparation: Make a paste by mixing all ingredients together. If your skin is too sensitive then you should omit the lemon.

Thinking up for a fruit cleanse? Whether you’re cleansing, or simply looking to boost vitality, when it comes to cleansing and nourishing your body from the inside out, try the fruit cleanse, an effective way to cleanse the body and remove toxin

Top 15 body cleansing fruits Fruit cleanse allows your digestive system to detoxify, get rid of toxins and wastes and restore harmony and balance to your entire body.

What is the best beauty routine for your skin, self, and soul before bedtime? Save this pin and check them off every night!

Want to know how to get rid of skin tags fast? Many skin tag removal procedures are taken around the world but which procedures remove skin tags fast?