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Great video by Gerhardt Mounet Lipp on how to paint Baroque scrolls. Notice how he (mostly) holds the paint brush perpendicular to the surface; this gives you more control over your strokes and enables you to finish with a fine stroke rather than a flattened, thick stroke that results when the brush is at an angle.

Rocaille- baroque scroll - learn how to paint in authentic Bauernmalerei style. A series of FREE online painting lessons - instructional videos Add a differe.

Where The River Runs / Garden Expo 2015 on ID Magazine

Our proposal for the Garden Expo 2015 in Wuhan/China describes a river-like landscape pavilion and a statement for the importance of clean water and the preservation of our natural environment. The project 'Where the river runs' won the price in an in…

15+ Creative Photographers Who Know How To Use Shadows

Lace ~ not really a tattoo, but neat how the light makes the umbrella shadow like one. < that would be a pretty fantastic tattoo ! white ink maybe. i think i'm seriously considering that now.