Nick Moldovan
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Well my personal gaming experience is about to jump to a whole new level! Click through to see a demonstration! The KeyMouse™ is a keyboard and a mouse. It allows users to operate the mouse without moving their hands out of typing position. No more moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse. It’s designed for efficiency, comfort, and ergonomics.
Oh my gossssshhhhh. This is amazing on so many levels. 1. Who puts a sliding door at the end of a staircase? A GENIUS, that's who! 2. Can someone please tell me where a door like this is procured? 3. Why don't I have a two-story house? Why?!
Attic storage incorporating dressing table. Mirror rather than window?
Wood River Valley Chalet - Interior Shot
Attic Bedroom Closet Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 9 - sublime-decor
Bureau-idee onder schuin dak
Finished attic with built in storage.
Oooh, if we ever put skylights into our new attic space... I like the storage cubbies and platform for lots of plants :)
ook een idee ipv een inloopkast, handig ook voor de seizoenskleding erachter te doen ipv op zolder
Built in wardrode for the roof