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a black and white photo with blue writing on the back of a ticket for an event
Оформление группы ВКонтакте
four different webpages designed to look like logos
Personal portfolio - Landing Page Showcase
an advertisement for the new york dance studio, which has been designed to look like neon green
Klara | Graphic Designer (@klara_the_designer) • Instagram photos and videos
#graphicdesign #posterdesign #posterart
an advertisement for a cell phone is shown in three different colors and sizes, including green
Yudaev Branding — Presentation Design
the front and back cover of a brochure for an appliance company
Presentation design/Дизайн презентации
an advertisement for the russian language website, which is being displayed in different colors and sizes
Dribbble Wrapped by Odama Studio
Our Dribbble fam never fails to impress with these Wrapped concepts! We've got the most amazing community 💖🏀 Huge shoutout to Odama Studio for coming up with one of our absolute favorites! 🌟 #TopShots . . . . #dribbbleshot #appdesign #ui #mobileappdesign #mobileapps #dailyui #mobiledesign #appdesigner #uxdesign #uidesign #uiux #ux #uidesigner #uitrends #uiinspiration #uxdesigner #uxui #uidesigners #uxtrends #dailyuichallenge
Website features to try#designwebsite#websitelayout#websitedesignideas tiktok: wix-divider
a computer screen with an image of a lamp on it
Responsive Online Experiences
Responsive Online Experiences by Editor X on Dribbble
Landing | Nuj
a group of people sitting in front of a computer screen with the words team collaboration for new start ups that scale
[너답게 다 pLay해봐!] 신한카드로 JOIN US! 👀
iluli: Personal Knowledge Management
Embed your 3D designs in your website 🤓
Another amazing Spline x @webflow design by @andrewehr 🍋 The Lemon was made in Spline, using the Scroll Event to create this interactive experience as you navigate through the page. It was embedded without the need to write code with the Webflow Integration called Spline Embed. You can control many of the interactions of your Spline scene directly within Webflow. This allows the use of Webflow Events (e.g.: click, hover, mouse position, scroll) to manipulate the position, rotation, and scale of the available Spline objects. Like this Lemon! 😍 If you want to see it in action 👉 happylemon.webflow.io