DIY Craft Project: Sharpie Mug Tutorial - Custom heart handle mugs that require…

DIY Craft Project: Sharpie Mug Tutorial - Custom heart handle mugs that require no artistic ability or transfers! If you can trace and make dots you can make these mugs! Learn the easy hack! Uses oil based Sharpie paint pens that are baked on.

la lune avait peur du noir , alors elle volait le plus vite possible juste au dessus de l'eau pour rejoindre la lumière

The Moon - symbol of the Dark Mother.cycles show all the phases of life as well as the faces of the Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Matron Crone.

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Natello's Art

Natello's Art (Mckinnon and Lupin)

Big hair and downward glance sketch

Sometimes her mind gives her a break from the nightmares of the soldiers she has slain. It is in those interludes where she is haunted by the memory of her father's hands.

Ian McQue -

Glorious spire city by Ian McQue

street artists

Les plus belles punchlines des street artists

street artists

Chiara Bautista ~ We love books.

We love books ~ Chiara Bautista

Where procrastinators come to unite.

College pro tip

Where procrastinators come to unite.

Coffee in the mountains : Photo


the demon queen of high school has decreed it

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A true Virgo

“ , Living on the road 🌕 / Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta / 📸 Monument Creatives / via UNILAD Adventure ”