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Lavonya Reeves talks about why women stay in abusive relationships #DomesticViolence

Violencia doméstica en Filadelfia: Ni una más SO PROUD OF MY Sister Clara Balcacer-Colon and Maria, who spoke up about Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence.

Verbal child abuse is even worse than physical abuse...broken bones can heal but you never forget it when your parent, your idol calls you stupid or fat or's disgusting that parents think its an acceptable sub for physical abuse.

Juvenile Protection Association I think this ad is really powerful. The arm that is made up of demeaning words like moron and fool is both a.

Exactly!!! But yet it does.. Then, they are always sorry and never mean to do anything they do!!

Domestic violence is a pattern f actions tht heavily involve th abuse of against th other. Physical abuse or aggression, threats of such physical damage, emotional .