Wine Themes in French Antique Furniture

Designers of French antique furniture in the 19th century loved to include a theme close to the heart of every Frenchman -- wine. This board includes some of…
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an ornate carved wood panel with flowers and leaves on it's sides, in the middle
A vineyard on a drawer
One of the most interesting wine-themed cabinets we have found is 9204. Grapes were commonly carved onto the doors of cabinets, as 19th century French furniture designers sought to recreate cabinets from the Middle Ages when wine-loving French men and women stored precious glasses in locked cases. Instead of a couple of bunches of grapes, the drawers of this cabinet present a veritable vineyard carved from solid oak.
an old black and white photo of the inside of a building
Victor Hugo's Grapevine Columns
This photo from Corinne Charles' book "Victor Hugo, Visions d'Intérieurs, du Meuble au Décor" is of columns at Victor Hugo's Hauteville House where he lived in exile on the island of Guernsey. They remind us of our columns (4165) but the bunches of grapes are larger and greater relief.
an old wooden cabinet with carvings on the front and sides, sitting against a white background
French Gothic Antique Cabinet with Wine Theme-5197-M. Markley Antiques
Lower in height than the typical "dressoir" cabinet, this piece (item 5197) with intricately carved grapes and leaves in an overall Gothic design is perfect for a wine cellar or wine room.
an old bronze statue with grapes on it's head and hands in the shape of a vase
Pair of French Antique Columns 4165 with Grape Vine Motif
In this detailed photo of column (item 4165) it is possible to see the intricate carving of grapes and vines -- out of solid oak.
a close up of a carved wooden object with grapes
French Gothic Antique Cabinet with Wine Theme-5197-M. Markley Antiques
The intricate carving in oak on this cabinet (item 5197) shows virtuosity in the detail of the grapes, vine, and leaf.
a close up of a metal object with grapes on it
Bunch of grapes on armoire
An intricately carved bunch of grapes makes a 19th century French armoire (item 5205) the focus of a wine cellar or wine room -- evoking the spirit of France while one enjoys a grand cru.