Grotto to Grotesque 19th Century French Furniture

Renaissance artists in Rome, such as Raphael and Pinturicchio, explored newly discovered ruins of Nero’s Domus Aurea, copying by candlelight the designs on the…
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an ornately carved wooden table with a green cloth on it's back end
Grotesque face from chair
19th century French furniture designers demonstrated huge originality and creativity in interpreting Renaissance grotesque figures. This one has huge ears that look like wings and mustaches that morph into gracefully curving acanthus leaves. It sits at the intersection on the base of an "X" or "Dagobert" chair (4193), as if daring anyone to sit in it.
Satyrs on Chest amidst exuberant grotesque decoration Roman Mythology, The Renaissance, Ancient Rome, Satyr
Squatting figure on Renaissance Revival chest Renaissance Fashion
an intricately carved door with blue paint
Grotesque decoration on a Parisian door
This door panel from a building on the rue Tronchet in the 8th district of Paris is one of the the few remaining from the 19th century when this style of grotesque decoration was popular. On a recent visit we found an enthusiast carefully sketching the design to preserve it for posterity. We hope this photo helps.
an ornately decorated wall with gold and blue paint on the walls, in a building
Raphael's Grotesque Decoration
Compared to the ancient Roman originals, Raphael's interpretation of grotesque decoration at the Villa Farnesina in Rome used far more elements in smaller panels.
a white bench sitting on top of a gravel ground next to a tree and bushes
Park Bench in Deruta
Even the park benches in Deruta offer grotesque decoration in this hometown of a famous ceramics (maiolica) workshop from the 16th century incorporating the grotesque style of ornamentation in their designs.