French Renaissance Revival Furniture

While Gothic Revival may get all the glory when it comes to 19th century reinterpretations of times past, the revival of Renaissance style was equally important…
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an old wooden cabinet with carvings on it
Renaissance exuberance on a 19th century chest
The top and front of this chest 3213 represent a cornucopia of Renaissance design in the grotesque style, reminding us of how painters such as Raphael adapted the basic designs of imperial Rome but filled up every inch of space, as at the Villa Farnesina.
the door is made out of wood and has carvings on it
an antique wooden table with carved wood and blue glass on top, sitting on carpeted floor
Renaissance Elements Unite in a Table
It is hard to imagine any 19th century table that could be more representative of the symbols from ancient Roman architecture used in Renaissance design. Armorial displays, acanthus leaves, palm leaves, mythological visages, lions. It's all here on Table 9218, sculpted in solid walnut by the Paris workshop of G. Bonzans.
an ornate wooden table with carvings on it
Renaissance Armorial Exuberance
When French furniture-makers revived styles from the Renaissance they included many elements that were ultimately derived from Roman architecture. These included armorial motifs such as the shield in front of multiple swords as on our Table 9218. Made by a firm called Bonzans in Paris, this is among the most elaborate and finely carved examples of 19th century furniture in Renaissance style.
a close up of a statue with an animal on it's head
Pan under a Table
French furniture makers in the 19th century incorporated many elements of Renaissance design in their output, including the deities borrowed from Greece such as Pan. This magnificently sculpted head, complete with bushy hair and ram's horns, is on our solid walnut Trestle Table 9218 where each corner has a different sculpted visage.
two tall metal vases sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Columns Evoking Victor Hugo's Home
In all our years in the business of finding and importing unusual French antiques, we have never found another pair of columns like these (4165) except in a photo of Victor Hugo's house on the island of Guernsey. Carved by hand from solid oak they are Solomonic in that they twist. Intricate grape vines (including the grapes) entwine the columns, including space for a finger to fit between the vine and the column.
19th century Fauteuils Dagoberts in Renaissance style Interior, Furniture Design, Armchairs, Roman, Antique Armchairs, Antique French Chairs, Armchair
Armchairs celebrating the Renaissance
19th century furniture designers in France borrowed from many sources when reviving the styles of the Renaissance. "Fauteuils Dagoberts" were a favorite type of chair on which all sorts of ornamentation could be used to evoke the artistry of the past for patrons. The carving on these, made of solid walnut with green velvet cushions, is especially fine.
an ornate wooden clock on display against a white wall
two wooden sculptures sitting on top of a white floor