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a woman in a red and white dress with swirls on it's skirt
Pin by Deidra Puller on DST BOARD
a red and white poster with the words,'keep calm and wish me & my lines
KEEP CALM AND WISH ME & MY LINESISTERS HAPPY DELTAVERSARY - Keep Calm and Posters Generator, Maker For Free -
a woman holding a bottle with her hands in front of her face and the words xo on it
Happy 103 Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.
a red background with gold lettering that says delta signa thea
three women in red and white gowns are shown
A Bond Like None Other
three women in dresses with the words walking into j3 like
a christmas tree made out of red and white paper with the words happy holidays written on it
a woman wearing sunglasses and a pink dress with the words ya'll know what day it is
olayinkafabulous: Photo
the word azo is written in red on a black background
a gold brooch with red and white stones on it's side, in the shape of an xo
a necklace with pearls hanging from it's end on a red background that says, something is coming