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a rock with a fish painted on it
Kumano2014' by AkihisaIwata on DeviantArt
two koi fish painted on top of some rocks
a painted rock with a goldfish on it
Kumano2014' by AkihisaIwata on DeviantArt
an orange and black fish sitting on top of a rock
Outdoor Bronze Koi and Pebbles Rock - Etsy
a painted koi fish sitting on top of a rock next to a paintbrush
Outdoor Bicolor Koi and Pebbles Rock
"A beautiful bicolor Butterfly Koi swims above the pebbles on this painted beach rock. A little bit of tranquility in your garden or patio or on your busy desk. Each is an original miniature painting. Rocks measure approximately 4.5\" and may be used outside or even underwater!"
an aerial view of a pond surrounded by rocks and stones in a backyard garden area
A Natural Swimming Pool 🌿
Recreation ponds are your own freshwater ecosystem that mimics nature, both in appearance and functionality built into your backyard. If you have an old regular pool, our CAC's can often convert that to an Aquascape Ecosystem style natural recreation pond too, with a few different methods and approaches used by different CAC's. Project by @thinkgreenlandscapes
a small pond in the middle of a garden with rocks and water flowing from it