Mari, Regional Capital in Northern Mesopotamia, Palace Courtyard, 1800 BC - Archaeology Illustrated

Tropical Transplant Veronica Webb and George Robb Fashion a Moorish Oasis in Key West, Florida Architecture by Bender & Associates/ Interior Design by T W Black Inc/ Landscape Architecture by Craig.

Olana, home of artist Frederic Church. Site with considerable work provided by Lockwood de Forest's carving workshop in India.

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Pink and orange dressing room from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. Very warm looking.

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Olana – Main Stairs – photo: Historic Houses of the Hudson Valley by Gregory Long

Dance Rooms, Ballrooms

2 (Interior) This is a moroccan interior because of the tile on the ground and the warm colors on the walls. Also the shapes of the doors gives off a moroccan vibe.

Mosaic House is a New York tile company specializing in Moroccan mosaic, cement, bathroom, floor and kitchen tile. Mosaic House carries a range of tiles for home and business.