Goddess timeline, ancient world religion, mythology, sacred feminine

Goddess timeline, ancient world religion, mythology, sacred feminine . order these from Constance Tippet . sensational body of work

Merlin and Arthur by Willian O’Connor

One of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legend is Merlin, the great wizard, prophet and adviser to several kings. 'Merlin and Arthur' by Willian O’Connor. You don't see many paintings of this part of the story.

In Greek mythology, Thanatos (Greek: Θάνατος, Thánatos, "Death," from θνῄσκω - thnēskō, "to die, be dying") was the daemon personification of death. He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to but rarely appearing in person. His name is transliterated in Latin as Thanatus, but his equivalent in Roman mythology is Mors or Letus/Letum, and he is sometimes identified erroneously with Orcus (God of the Oath).

Tomasz Strzalkowski presents a work specially donce for It’s Art magazine, Making of Mysterious Sculpture. Particular objects and the whole scene have be


The Incas raised the green dragon. It was the biggest secret every kept in…

Greek Mythology, Icarus

In Greek mythology, Icarus (the Latin spelling, conventionally adopted in English; Ancient Greek: Ἴκαρος, Íkaros, Etruscan: Vikare) is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus.

Unicorn by ~zeo-x on deviantART

Unicorn - Emerson Tung Paints Rough And Rusty Robots That Still Have A Soul [Art] - ComicsAlliance

Herne, Lord of the Trees, in His Form of The White Stag In Celtic mythology, Herne is the god of the hunt and protector of the forest.

Reminds me of Morazova's Stag Design for Snow White and the Huntsman. white stag as the Spirit of the Forest and Wildlife.

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