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Fennec Fox Pups.

Funny pictures about Fennec Fox Collection. Oh, and cool pics about Fennec Fox Collection. Also, Fennec Fox Collection photos.

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Taking Care Of Rabbits. Photo by karamsingh Rabbits can be cute and gentle pets but caring for them will require an understanding of their behavior. These soft and lovable animals

lion cub in the leaves

The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Karis, an 11 week old lion cub, plays in fallen leaves in her enclosure at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling

I think I love him. I used to have a pet calf when we visited my Uncle Comer in Texas! Calves smell like sweet clover and milk--all cow-baby-style!

A hand full of Baby Bunnies

a hand full of baby Bunnies!" So don't know where these gorgeous thing should go here or on my bunny board - so here it is.

By Neptunecocktail

Tan and black Chow Chow puppy running in grass. By Neptunecocktail Gonna be our family dog, in the future!

Dog fact of the week: While pink tongues are a sign of good health, the Chow Chow and Shar Pei's tongues are black. This has nothing to do with poor health.

The 15 Most Fluffy And Cute Animals In The World

Chow Chow- Getting one!!

The 15 Most Fluffy And Cute Animals In The World

"What I really want to know is....am I a bear or a dog? Or am I just a fluffball with a face, ears, & legs?"

Top 10 Most Spherical Animals

Chow puppy - he's so fluffy I'm gonna die! It looks like a baby polar bear!