Water tray ideas

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toy firetrucks and other toys on a play tray with water, sand, and glue
Put the fire out!! #foam #crushedchalks #watersprays #fireengines #sensoryplay #messyplay #fire #water #smallworld #imagination #tufftray…
plastic toys are arranged in the shape of letters and numbers on top of each other
Playing with Numbers - Stimulating Learning
Numicon in the Water Tray with Gel Numbers from Rachel (",)
the tray is filled with many different colored bottles and glasses on it's glass table
Playful Minds Childcare
Coloured water for pouring & measuring on a reflective sheet in the tuff spot, at Childminding Watford Playful Minds (",)
an outdoor play table with toys and soap in it on the sidewalk next to a brick walkway
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Troll bath time, love this idea because it's play and clean at the same time!
there are many toys in the bathtub with bubbles and water on it, including toothbrushes
Animal Themed Tuff Tray Resources and Ideas
Washing Animals on the Farm Tuff Tray Small World Scene for Toddlers-EYFS Children