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Oh My Goooooosh! This is so cruel!! I hope whoever does this to their dog(s) stops and starts trembling in fear. Cuz im coming for them!!!

If you are against dogl abuse and cruelty, help stop it by signing petitions whenever they are offered for you to be able to do some good. If you are a compassionate human being this is unacceptable!

Please. Spread the news. My father is a doctor who helps people like this and he says it's heartbreaking to see what can happen when it's not their fault.

I hate these like yeah cancer and disease is bad I get that I wish that it didn't exist as well but in reality rep inning this stuff isn't going to do any real good.

This is all so annoying. This is so not true,and even if her father did die, then it could have been from something else! We shouldn't have to repost something because we're scared something bad will happen to us.

Guys seriously stop it. This freaks little girls out. My cousin who is 7 read this post and was screaming and didn't sleep all night. All you jackasses who make these posts just stop. Could u rly be so heartless?⬅ that wasn't me but I agree