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two decorative pillows with hearts on them sitting on a lace doily covered tablecloth
two little houses made out of fabric with flowers and hearts on the windowsills
two decorative pillows made to look like houses
three decorative pillows made to look like they are hanging from clothes pins and ribbons with hearts on them
a small white bag with red flowers on it and a tag attached to the front
mis imágenes
four decorative roosters hanging from strings on a white wall with black and red accents
Artisanat Poulet, Motif Poule, Animaux En Tissu 88C
Ideas, Tela, Bros, Kunst, Dyi
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a white door handle with a pink flowered bag hanging from it's side
blue and white napkins with bows are on a table next to flowers in vases
a small bag with lace on it sitting next to flowers and a tag that says, i love you
three pink and white striped gift bags with tags on the front, tied in lace
an ornament hanging from the side of a wooden wall with writing on it