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a white bowl filled with pasta and meat on top of a red table cloth next to a pot
VitaClay® Blog Recipes
VitaClay® Recipes Tagged "One Pot Meals" - VitaClay® Chef
a red bowl filled with meat, vegetables and seasoning sitting on top of a table
VitaClay Pot Roast: Quick & Easy Every Night of the Week!
Suitable for VitaClay Models VF7700 and VM7900 series ONLY. Courtesy of the organic momma (How the VitaClay Slow Cooker Saved My Life)I love to make roasts. First of all, they are often cheaper than steaks and other cuts of meat becaus...
a brown dog sitting in the middle of blue flowers
Got Allergies? Here's the Secret to Beating Them!
Springtime is finally here! Spring is a time of life, color and vibrance. All the world explodes with color: green trees, wildflowers in the field, and blooms everywhere! Spring is beautiful, but many people dread spring because of… A...
three strawberries sit in a bowl of yogurt
How to Make Fresh Yogurt with Only Two Simple Ingredients
I used fresh milk, directly taken out of the refrigerator, and 2 tablespoons of quality Greek yogurt as a starter! Set your VitaClay on “yogurt” to ferment overnight! Serve it as fresh Greek yogurt, or Make it into sweet crepes with yogu...