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Haku (白, Haku) was a villager from the Land of Water, and a descendant of the Yuki clan. He later became a shinobi after meeting Zabuza Momochi whom he partnered with, ultimately becoming a mercenary.

natura statica in creion - Căutare Google

natura statica in creion - Căutare Google

Egyptian Mythology

Wadjet - Patron goddess of lower Egypt. Featured often as a cobra or a woman with the head of a cobra. Associated with justice and retribution, and with the Papyrus plant. She is one of the oldest deities in the Egyptian pantheon.

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Amaterasu is described in the Kojiki as the sun goddess who was born from Izanagi& left eye. She was also accompanied by her siblings Susanoo, the storm deity, and Tsukuyomi, the moon deity, who w.


Ra- Egyptian myth: a solar deity with a falcon head. he has dominion over the sky, earth, and underworld. he created all forms of life by speaking their secret names. humans, however, were created by his sweat and tears.