Sărmăluţe în foi de viţă  http://www.realitatea.net/reteta-zilei-sarmalute-in-foi-de-vita_923570.html

Sarmalute in frunze de vita cu carne de porc si ciuperci

Ciuperci umplute   http://www.realitatea.net/retete-de-post-ciuperci-umplute_925148.html

Dress up ordinary button mushrooms with this tasty appetizer idea — a clever way to use up that leftover Thanksgiving stuffing or dressing.

Sarmale, a traditional Romanian dish

Romania: Sarmale - Sarmale is essentially pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with a mix of rice and seasoned minced meat.

Tarta cu inghetata de caramel

Crush cookies for an easy crust, then fill with a sultry blend of ice cream, nuts, and ready-made chocolate topping.

Paste cu dovleac şi rozmarin  http://www.realitatea.net/bucataria-net-paste-cu-dovleac-si-rozmarin_922399.html

“Pumpkin and pinenuts are a match made in heaven – and this creamy pasta is proof.

Salată cu ciuperci şi creson  http://www.realitatea.net/reteta-zilei-salata-cu-ciuperci-si-creson_924371.html

Try this simple mushroom and rocket salad recipe from BBC Good Food

Dovlecei cu feta si rosii la cuptor

Dovlecei cu feta si rosii la cuptor

Fursecuri cu ciocolata

Spiced Mocha Chocolate Cookies: A delicious glazed cookie is quick and easy -- a coffee shop treat you can enjoy warm from your oven.