Mircea Stan
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Hobbit hole in the Shire

The Hobbit House - Built from the ground up. Site also has instructions and resources used when building this low-impact woodland home in Wales.

Disguise heart healthy olives as penguins shuffling through the snow -- your kids will gobble them up!

If only I liked Olives. March of the Penguins - Olives contain healthy fats and antioxidants. Turn them into Arctic animals, and they'll parade into your kid's mouth.

fun for kid foods

Fish Snack for kids! Blueberries make the ocean, a sandwich is cut into the shape of a fish body and the scales are made from carrots. Cucumber is added for the tail.

Kids food

Too much fun with your food! Who says you cant play with your food. Why not. What kid wouldn't want to eat this. Not that we have time to make every meal this fun. But try for once a week. Kids will at least be more willing to try foods.

kid food!

Introducing the Deviled Egg Chick. I think I will make these for my next gathering, they would be a lot more fun on a plate!