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My kind of bathroom! Sea-Stones - Natural Stone Wall Hook for Towel, Coat, and Spa

Banheiros pequenos. Aproveitando espaço acima e no entorno de vaso sanitário com caixa acoplada ativador frontal. No caso do ativador superior só fazer mais alto o armarinho

28 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

"Modern and Creative Sink Designs." Beautiful Life RSS. N.p., 04 Apr. 2014. Web…

Modern and Creative Sink Designs

Find here some beautiful and creative bathroom sinks designs. Sinks which have no visible pipes and a self draining surface. Creative sinks with beauty any style.


wonderful interior design as a rustic handbowl in the garden room or kitchen or guest bathroom Wood sink. Instead of plastic sink or metal. -Otherwise glass or ceramic sink-

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