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an old helmet is on display in a museum
Grand Hairy One
Roman Cavalry Helmet from the Lower Rhine dated to...
a large metal suit with armor on it's chest and arm, standing in front of a white wall
Close up of left sabaton of Field Armor made in Nuremberg Germany 1540 CE with modern alterations including breastplate engraving (1)
a man dressed in armor standing next to other men
Photo essay Photojournalism
Ken Watanabe - Last Samurai
an armor and helmet on display in a glass case
Armour of Don Sancho de Avila
Armour of Don Sancho de Avila Germany (Augsburg), 1560.El jefe iba bien vestido, otra cosa era cómodo.
Armour of a 16th century landsknecht captain Samurai, Armor Clothing, Suit Of Armor
Armour of a 16th century landsknecht captain
a man in armor is standing on a red carpet
Owl of the Rear Burghs
ritasv: Archduke Maximillion III jousting armor - Cleveland Museum of Art - 2014-11-26 by Tim Evanson ‘Via Flickr: Jousting armor for Archduke Maximillian III of Austria, by armorer Anton Pfeffenhauser of Augsburg, Germany, in 1571 AD. Steel, with gilded bas-relief. Cleveland Museum of Art.’
an antique silver plate with intricate designs on it's sides and the top part of its body
"Peascod" breastplate for foot service, Northern Italy (Milan), 1575-1600, etched steel, imitating the shape of the contemporary civilian doublet with bands decorated with "trophies," images representing the spoils of war including both classical and contemporary armor, as well as cannons, shields, swords, and spears. The trophy motif was especially popular in the decoration of late sixteenth-century armor. (Age of Armor) 6 lb. 9 oz. Length 16 1/2" L x 14 1/2" W x 7" D
a close up view of a metal statue
H.M Erik XIV (1533 - 1577) of Sweden - Battle Armor
a statue of a knight on a horse in front of a window
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an old black and white photo of a room with many items on the wall in it
European Armoury Room at Hertford House (1890s) London. Now known as The Wallace Collection
the back of a large iron armor with lots of rivets on it's shoulders
Armor on the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'An China.
the back of a man's costume made out of newspaper strips and paper machs
Ancient Chinese Armor
Ancient Chinese Armor by Kevin H., via Flickr
a statue of a man wearing a helmet and armor
History Forums
The type of helmets found in the Qin Emperor's Mausoleum in Xianyang, Xi'An, Shaanxi Province.
a man dressed in armor with a bat on his head and an iron helmet is standing next to a brick wall
‘Steven R. Gagnon’ courtesy of Stephen Moss/Photosm