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I'll admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with concrete. Maybe it's the subtle shades of soft grey, or maybe it's the raw natural beauty of this liquid turned solid. Whatever it is, I think you'll be...

Candle holders, made out of concrete. By pressing a candle in a plastic bag with liquid concrete, the folds in the plastic bag create a soft ‘pillow’ look on the surface of the concrete.

DIY Cast Hands Sculpture {Contributor Column}

DIY Cast Hands Sculpture {Contributor Column} - Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone NOTE hands board - mjm

Kalalou Ceramic Hand Candle Holder - The Ceramic Hand Candle Holder by Kalalou - High quality and very beautiful.

DETAILS This rustic Handmade HAND SHAPED Ceramic Hand Candle Holder looks fabulous inside or outside the home. The hand is designed to be similar to life size and will make a perfect alternative table

Photo (Diy Photo Box)

Photo (Diy Photo Box), was thinking this would be a great way to display your sandalwood to potential buyers as a sample/gift

Make your own diy bookshelf out of concrete blocks and wood. A great idea for outside storage too. HAD PLANS ON MAKING A HEADBOARD FOR MY QUEEN BED. THE SHELVES ARE NICE TO HOLD BOOKS, NICKKNACKS, LAMP ETC.. PAINT THE BOARDS AND BRICKS TO GO WITH BEDROOM THEME.

Cheapest, easiest DIY bookshelf ever - Concrete blocks & Wood. (Decorative concrete blocks & wood in your color, choice, & style). No hammers, cutting or anything!