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ABSOLUTE is a large project that gathers 16 partners from 7 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Slovenia and Romania). MIRA TELECOM is the only partner from Romania and the component within the project, performed by the company, benefits from European financing worth 244,500 Euro.

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MIRA TELECOM is developing a portable kit for detecting trapped and buried people in ruins and avalanches within an EU funded project. “RescueCell” is a project that includes 8 partners from Spain, Hungary, Germany, France, Greece and Romania and is funded through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7- SME- 2012). The project is worth 1.4 million Euro, of which 1.1 million Euro is EU funding.

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Mira Telecom, companie cu capital integral românesc, fondată și condusă de Stelian Ilie, este parteneră în proiectul “Aerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected & Temporary Events” (ABSOLUTE), cu o valoare totală de 11,2 milioane de euro, din care 8 milioane de euro finanțare europeană.

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Despre investițiile Mira Telecom în cercetarea unor echipamente care vor revoluționa lupta antiteroristă şi vor salva vieți omenești.

Between May 10 th, 2011 – August 09 th, 2013, MIRA TELECOM SRL, based in Bucharest, 12 Doamna Ghica St., 2 District, has carried on the project „Development of MIRA TELECOM’s infrastructure and research capability in the field of integrated communications and security systems”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under the funding agreement concluded with the National Authority for Scientific Research, as an Intermediary Body.

Mira Telecom press release

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