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Amish Peach Jam Recipe

The Country Farm Home: Making Amish Peach Jam I Used this recipe for proportions but subbed OJ concentrate, lemon juice, and pectin for the Orange Jello. I don't want to waterbath can with animal byproducts. Produced some really peachy goodness.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

The pancake is delicious, but the cinnamon roll concoction is too sweet - especially with the maple coffee glaze. Great just for the sour cream pancake batter.

Scribble Decorated Porcelain | Craft By Photo #DIY #PersonalizedGifts #KitchenCrafts

Scribble Decorated Porcelain is a photo craft tutorial that allows the crafter to scribble on porcelain with a porcelain painter pen creating a decorative flair.