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Now this is a trend that I love, #booknooks. Found another fantastic project. Have you seen them on #etsy yet? (click link)
I have a new article on my site about book nooks . Say what? What are those again ?!

book nooks diorama

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DIY dollhouse accessories: how to create mini cups?
Check out my full papercraft miniature tutorial on my Youtube channel!
miniature origami tutorial Origami, Paper Crafts, Paper Cups, Paper Cup, Paper, Cardboard, Origami Cup
How to create mini paper cups?
Check out my new video tutorial on Youtube to easily create these mini paper cups!
three origami mugs with the words miniature cups written below them on a table
DIY Miniature Origami Cups - A New Tutorial
DIY Miniature Origami Cups - A New Tutorial
scale convertor Ideas, Scale, Miniature Diy
How to convert 1:12 to 1:6 scale?
Miniature Scale Conversions: How to Convert 1:12 to 1:6? Check out my LinkedIn post!
most popular dollhouse scale Toy House, Doll House, Old Dolls, Cardboard Dollhouse, Building Toys
What is the most popular dollhouse scale?
What is the Most Popular Dollhouse Scale? Check it out on my LinkedIn page!
what is the scale of my dollhouse? Figures
How to figure out what scale my dollhouse is?
How Do I Figure Out What Scale My Dollhouse is? New post on my LinkedIn profile!
dollhouse accessories
These mini umbrellas are made from paper!
Check out the link below for a full tutorial on Youtube!
miniature origami tutorials Dolls, Crafts, Easy, Mini, Fun, Origami Envelope, Envelope
Creating origami mini envelopes is quite easy!
check out my Youtube channel for the quick tutorial!
two green chairs sitting next to each other on top of a black table with the words diy dollhouse chairs made with origami
DIY Dollhouse Sofa and Mini Cushions- Made With Origami/Papercraft
DIY Dollhouse Sofa and Mini Cushions- Made With Origami/Papercraft
How to create dollhouse chairs with chopsticks?
Check out my full tutorial below on my Youtube channel to create these dolllhouse chairs!
dollhouse furniture tutorial Videos Tutorial, Projects, Diy Videos, Diy Videos Tutorials
Dollhouse table DIY video tutorial
Check out my latest video on Youtube to see how I created this miniature table from chopsticks!
a miniature wooden stool with the words chopsticks miniature table on it's side
Dollhouse Furniture: A Miniature Table Made From Chopsticks
miniature stained glass Decoration, Create A Fairy, Diy Style
DIY Dollhouse Décor: Making Miniature Stained Glass Windows
DIY Dollhouse Décor: Making Miniature Stained Glass Windows. Check out my new blog post!
how to create miniature shoes Fimo, Barbie, Doll Furniture Tutorial, Diy Doll Miniatures, Doll Shoes Diy
Step-by-Step Guide: Crafting Miniature Shoes!
Step into the world of miniatures! Create adorable tiny shoes with our easy DIY tutorial. #DIY #Crafts Picture as an example
how to fix a bad paint job for your dollhouse? Fix It, To Fix, Plastic, Blog
How to fix a dollhouse that had a bad paint job?
Did you ever renovated a dollhouse, but now the paint is chipping of and you think you can save it? You might just be able to ! check out my new blog post!