Courtney's wedding

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there are many glass vases with blue flowers in them on top of the table
Travel Through Time in this Celestial Doctor Who Wedding
Doctor Who Real Wedding
a room filled with lots of tables covered in white linens and decorated with trees
A W i n t e r ‘ s N i g h t // wedding theme
a woman sitting on top of a bench next to a star and moon sculpture in the middle of a forest
Fati and Oli Waterfall Bali Wedding Celebration – Nung Nung Waterfall Bali
a woman standing in front of a stage set with stars and swirls on it
Starry Night Theme Decorations - Prom Decorations
Out of This World Complete Theme
a table with many desserts on it in a room that has lights and decorations
Galactic spheres were custom made to reflect the futuristic, outer space theme of this event in the North Light Court at City Hall. #mccallssf #mccallscatering #mccallsfloral #sanfranciscocityhall #eventdecor
a glass ball with some lights on it sitting on a table next to wine glasses
Our centerpieces for our Mass Effect wedding. We used Metal Earth models in terrariums with fairy lights. Photo by Danielle Lirette Photography.
a circular light sculpture in the dark with blue lights on it's sides and trees behind it
Indeed it IS a handcrafted Stargate altar for a sci-fi wedding
the table is set up for an event with purple lighting and place cards on it
10 Ideas to Create an Out of This World Space Themed Event