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Saving lives isn’t typical of the job of a delivery driver, but when John Cassabria found a dog in distress on his delivery run, he knew he had to act fast. John, 24, is a big animal lover. He currently has a house full of fur babies – four dogs, four cats, and a non-fur baby, his pet snake.

Amazon Driver Makes Wrong Turn During His Shift But Ends Up Saving A Life Because Of It

He didn't even think twice before jumping into action.

For those of us who rent a house or an apartment, it is no secret or surprise that after we have paid for rent and bills, all we have left is money to buy groceries and no significant amount of money to save or use for traveling.

Couple Fed Up With Rising Rent Costs Transform An Old Van Into Their Dream Home On Wheels

It has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more.

According to Tempo, the average person will spend about one-third of their life sleeping. If that’s the case, then having a comfortable bed is super important. But what about for a dog? If you think about how a dog spends their time, then you can imagine that they sleep even more than humans do.

English Bulldog Can’t Contain His Joy When Mom Gives Him Comfortable New Bed

We should all try and appreciate our things as much as this dog appreciates his!

Have you ever looked at something and feel like you’re seeing a totally different thing? Well, we know exactly the feeling! These 70 photos we’ve compiled will trick your eyes and leave you wondering if you are really staring at what you “think” you are staring at. Read on and be perplexed by these baffling photos!

70 Photos That Can Easily Baffle The Eyes

Reality can be a riddle sometimes.

Having a twin seems like a lot of fun. Apart from having a constant companion, you’ll have a partner-in-crime, best friend, and guardian angel. You’ll also have someone to share your dreams with. Since Brittany and Briana Deane were young, they’ve fully immersed in twin subculture.

Identical Twin Sisters That Married Identical Twin Brothers Just Announced They’re Expecting Togethe

Brittany and Briana Deane always dreamed of marrying twins & they got their wish.

Sometimes, a husband or boyfriend does something that is so cringeworthy, we just have to call them out. That’s what happened with these goofy guys. They failed miserably but did so in a hilarious fashion. Sure, their ridiculous actions drive their partners crazy sometimes, but at the end of the day, love always prevails. It sure helps to have a sense of humor about it though! Through thick and thin, for better and worse, right?

55 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Failed Hilariously

Sometimes things are just so cringeworthy, other’s need laugh along too.

Cooking can be a relaxing and meditative experience once you take the time to really get into it. Apart from being able to feed yourself, it also gives you the chance to bring people together and create new experiences for them through their taste buds. Now, if committing mistakes in the kitchen is what’s stopping you from pursuing cooking as a hobby, don’t worry. Despite what you think, you’re probably not that bad. To help you feel much more confident in your skills, here’s a collection of…

52 Kitchen Experiments That Took A Turn For The Hilarious

The kitchen is the heart of every home and sometimes it brings a lot of laughter.

When you’ve got a big day ahead of you, the last thing you need is car troubles. And if that wouldn’t be bad enough, try adding in being pulled over by the cops! Chy-Niece Thacker from Virginia was driving to an interview when she ran into some bad luck. Not only did her brake lights go out, but a police officer noticed and began signaling her to pull over. What Thacker didn’t know at the time is that it would be a traffic stop she’d never forget.

Woman Captures Officer’s Interaction On Film

“So this happened just now."

Good luck telling Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland that they’re not twin sisters. In fact, they’ve gone viral twice just for pointing out everything they have in common. The best friends were born just a few days apart and are virtually inseparable. But technically, they’re not twins (in the biological sense).

‘Twin Sisters’ Share Why They Are Just Alike

Try as hard as you like, there's no convincing Zuri and Jia that they aren't twins.

For some people, abandoning their current way of living for a tiny home is the best move they could ever make. Tiny homes allow you to enjoy living with lower expenses, with no mortgage to pay, and lead a simpler life at one with nature. They also allow for incredibly creative design, which makes them a great source of inspiration to other tiny home wannabe builders. They’ve become so popular recently that entire tiny house YouTube channels are dedicated to showing them off.

Couple Shares How They Built ‘Forever’ Tiny Home With Nature-Inspired Interior

Prepare to be blown away by how beautiful this place is.

Raising kids isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even small children butt heads with their parents. But usually, homes are filled with love, which includes plenty of hugs and kisses. If you’re a parent, you know that kids also do things completely out of the blue. That’s what makes them so special. Raising a child right

3-Year-Old Stands Up During Class To Pray

This is such a precious moment.

Being a parent is the most rewarding and toughest job in the world. Sometimes, it’s also considered a parent’s duty to embarrass their children as much as possible – all with a big smile, of course. That’s definitely something that this mom has done, who is now known as the ‘Bus Stop Mama’.

Mom Waits For School Bus In Her Best Outfit

One day, when the kids were coming back home with the school bus, mom decided to wait for them in her new favorite outfit.

Most people go through life doing things the same way. Sometimes, that’s because they learned from their parents. Other times, it’s the result of trial and error. If that sounds familiar, you’ll love these 60 life hacks. Not only will you save a lot of time but also money and energy.

60 Funny Life Hacks From Sly People

Sometimes it’s ingenuity, sometimes laziness that sparks a good idea.

It’s called a whoosh. When a joke goes so far over someone’s head that the sound can be physically heard. And it sounds like: “Whoosh.” Or at least that’s what they’re saying on Reddit. There’s a whole section dedicated to Internet documented whooshes. And they’re hilarious.

50 times a joke went completely over someone’s head & ended with embarrassment

Some people just don't get it.

All around the world, vacated churches are being converted into the most incredible homes. No longer a House of God, they are houses for families. Thankfully, many couples are retaining the beautiful architectural enhancements that made the structure a church. These amazing conversions end up making the home exceptionally valuable in part due to their size, their style and their uniqueness. In fact, a converted Gothic church in London posted on the market for a whopping $7.7 million. Swipe…

30 abandoned churches cleverly converted into beautiful homes

Ornate windows, high arches, floor to ceiling windows and more. These homes are stunning.

If you didn’t feel like life was all that crazy before, 2020 has surely set you straight. With the rolling lockdowns, riots, protests, fires, and hurricanes (to mention just a few of 2020’s finest), life has only gotten more intense by the day. To add a little touch of insanity into the mix, parents are now having to homeschool their kids while schools stay shut down. And while some parents might have been handling this year just fine before now, these 12 parents are here to tell you- 2020…

12 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Currently Trapped At Home With Kids

When life gets crazy, the best thing parents can do is laugh about it. When it's at it's craziest, though, you gotta let the world laugh with you.